Directory of the West Plains Telephone Company
Issued August 1, 1911

See Howell County Lines below




Aid Hardware Co.


Lane, F.M. residence


Aid,. C.T.


Lane, Fred, 3 rings residence


Aid, Joe


Landers, K.M. residence


Alexander, Mac, ring 414


Langston Merc. Co.


Allen, Arthur


Langston, Ralph residence


Allen Bros.

meat market

Langston, S.J. residence


Allen, Lum


Langston, T.J. residence


Allen, Tom


Langston, Will residence


Allen, Tom


Laramore, J.R., 2 rings residence


Alsup, Ben


Leathers, Mrs. T.M. residence


Alvord, C.S., 3 rings


Lee, G.H. jeweler


Arcade Hotel

Lewis-Foley Com. Co.


Autherson, H.P.

meat market

Lewis, Mrs. G.T. residence


Leymaster, C.U. ice cream parlor


Bacon, Dick, ring 114


Little, A.M. residence


Bacon, Frank


Livesay, James residence


Barger, Mrs. J.J.


Livingston, A.H. law office


Barrett, Bud, 2 rings


Luster, C.R. residence


Bess, J.L., 2 rings



286 Bess & Bess insurance agency Manon, Doug residence


Belt, Rev. R.J.


Marquis, Harry, 2 rings residence


Berry, W.P,, 3 rings


Mantz, W.W. residence


Beul, Mrs. N.W., 3 rings


Maple Grove House


Big 4 Real Estate Co.


Marsh, Wm. residence


Bohrer, E.C.

drug store

Martin Brick Co.


Bohrer, E.C.


Martin, Claude residence


Bond Grocery Co.


Martin, Joe M. residence


Bowen, J.B.


Martin, T.D. drug store


Bowsman, John, 3 rings


Martin, T.D. residence


Boyer, J.W.


Masonic Hall


Bright, J.R.


Mayhew, Mrs. Laura residence


Brimhall, Sue


McAnally, J.L., 3 rings residence


Britain, W.P.


McBride, Will barber shop


Brown, C.G.


McBride, Will residence
300 Brown, Ed residence


Brown, E.F.


McClelland, W.W., 2 rings residence


Brown, Will, 2 rings


McClure, C.C. residence


Brown, W.L.


McFarland, J.H. residence


Buck, J.F.


McFarland Undertaking Co.


Buck, J.F.


McKenzie Bakery


Buckley, W.G., 2 rings


McMillin, W.C. residence


Buford, M.J., 3 rings


McVey, Rufus residence


Burnett, C.E.


Mead, John residence


Burroughs, J.N., 2 rings


Mead, Joseph, 2 rings residence


Meek, Bas residence


Cady, Theo, 2 rings


Mendenhall, Jas. residence


Caldwell, Fred


Meyers, J.A., 2 rings residence


Caldwell, Fred


Miller, Richard residence


Calmes, A., 2 rings


Moore, Henry residence


Carter, B.B.


Moore, Sebe residence
258 Carter Bros. harness shop Morgan, James residence


Carter, G.H.


Morrow, M.E. residence
112 Carter, G.V. residence


292 Carter, Ira residence 195 Needs, Walter residence
129 Carter, J.O. residence 128 New York Racket
86 Catron, L.M. residence 82 Nichols, Dr. D.J. residence
302 Central School 125 Nichols & Elliott doctors' office
150 Chandler, C.C. residence 186 North M.E. Church Parsonage
309 Chapin, W.A. residence


5 City Bakery 210 Oaks, Eugene office
352 City Hall 47 Oriental Hotel
103 Clarke, M.B. residence 18 Orr, Harry, 3 rings residence
242 Clemmons, Tom 152 Orr, Jack residence
132 Cleggett, J.C., ring 44 18 Orr Machine Shop, 2 rings
164 Cobb, G.H. 362 Orr Plumbing Shop
9 Coker, Ed barn 41 Orr, W.J. residence
97 Coker, Ed residence 304 Osborne, Henry, ring 111 residence
69 Commercial Hotel residence 192 Outen, Prof. J.T. residence
142 Cook, Judge residence 363 Overby, W.R. residence
260 Cooper, M.A., Sr. residence 346 Owings, George residence
313 Cooper, M.A., Jr, 3 rings residence 348 Ozark Hotel
313 Cooper, Rufus, 2 rings residence


371 Cordes, D.J. tailor Packman, George creamery
55 County Clerk office Packman, George residence
182 Crider, A., 2 rings residence Padgett, N.J. residence
109 Curry, T.L. residence Palace Barber Shop


Palmer, D.F. residence
163 Davidson, Henry residence Palmer, Jake, 2 rings residence
149 Davidson, J.R. residence Pease, Clint residence
225 Davis, Miss Rhoda residence Pease, Fred store
233 Davis, W.K. residence Pease, Fred residence
141 Davison, E.A. residence Pease-Moor Milling Company
46 Depot Perkins, J.W.
215 Dixon, Clint residence Piper, B.F., 3 rings
180 Dixon, E.A., 2 rings residence Pool, Mrs. H.M. kindergarten
98 Dobozy, Col,. P.P. residence Powles, Cal residence
27 Doty, T.W. residence Phillips, T.J. residence
351 Dressler, C. residence Pitts, Mrs. Harriet residence


Poage, Mrs. Nina residence
71 Endicott Barn Powers, Nate residence
24 Elledge, J.L. residence Powers, W.A., ring 114 residence
79 Ellis, T.A., 2 rings residence


214 Ely, John residence 307 Quill Printing Office
179 Evans, Earle residence


2 Evans, Judge W.N. residence Raney, I.M., 2 rings residence
104 Express Office Readdy, I. residence


Reames, A.M. residence
1 Famous Grocery Red Apple Drug Store
145 Farmers' Savings Bank Reed, Mrs. J.R. residence
369 Farrenkopf, Geo. residence Reese, D.W. residence
272 Ferguson, J.H. residence Reiley, Mrs. J.F. residence
43 Fire Department Headquarters Renfrow, Chas. residence
94 First National Bank Renfrow, T.M. residence
229 Fisher, E.T. residence Renfrow, V.P. residence
250 Fitzgerald & Clemmons second hand store Renfrow, V.P. grocery
254 Fitzgerald, Mike, 3 rings residence Renfrow, W.P. grocery
254 Fitzgerald, Mike, 2 rings store Rettig, J.F., 2 rings residence
196 Fletcher, W.B., 2 rings residence Richardson, Joh n residence
156 Foley, Harry residence Richards, W.E. residence
285 Foley, Wm., 3 rings residence Riggs, J.M. mill
Riggs, J.M.
308 Ford, George residence Riggle-Beckner Lumber Co.
221 Foster, S.D. residence Riggle, R.T. residence
360 Francis, F.M. store Riley, Con residence
14 Frederick, G.W., 4 rings residence Riley, W.A. residence
184 Freeman, M.M. residence Robertson, F.A. residence
188 Fry Bros. second hand store Rogers, J.M., 2 rings residence
32 Fry, J.M. residence Rollman, R.E.
25 Funkhouser, C.F. residence Rosser, C. store
40 Funkhouser Davis Hardware Co. Rosser, C. residence


Rounds, J.W., 2 rings residence
269 Gale, C.H. residence Rupe, S.M. real estate
328 Galbreth, E.T. shoe store Russell, S.T. residence
325 Galloway, James residence


30 Garrison, Seth L. drug store Safley, A.W. residence
359 Garrison, S.H. residence Schmeil, Mary E. residence
63 Gazette office Seiferd, Claude mule barn
253 Gentry, Boss, ring 414 residence Seiferd, Claude residence
15 Glanville, Rev. J.H. residence Sessen, George Ozark Nursery
187 Globe Barn, 2 rings Shaffer, T.L., 2 rings residence
364 Gooch, Dr. W.H. residence Shepard, J.A., 2 rings residence
171 Green, H.D., 3 rings residence Shepard, Walter, 3 rings residence
264 Green, L.J. residence Shoffler, Frank, 4 rings residence
170d Green, Thurman residence Shoffler, Jake, 3 rings residence
171 Green & Wayland, 2 rings office Shuttee, Dr. H.C. office
375 Groce, John residence Shuttee, Dr. H.C. residence
201 Groce. Mrs. M. residence Simon, Chas. residence
54 Guff Hotel Singer Sewing Machine Office
133 Gum, W.J. residence Skinner, Chas. wallpaper
76 Gunn, John residence Skinner, Chas. residence


Smith, Lige, 3 rings residence
213 Halsell, J.T. residence Smith, R.G. residence
283 Halstead, George residence South M.E. Church parsonage
305 Halstead, John residence Sparks, Dr. R.A. residence
118 Hamilton, W.H., 2 rings residence Spears, Dr. R.S. office
332 Hammock, Emma, 2 rings residence
344 Hammock,. Geo. residence Spears, Dr. R.S. residence
7 Harlin, J.P. residence Spencer, J.H. residence
318 Harlin, W. Tan residence Springer, Mark residence
60 Harper, C.P. & Co. real estate Springer, W.A. grocery
67 Harper, C.P. residence Springer, W.A. residence
207 Hartz, George residence Stearns, H.A. residence
246 Haskell, Miss Harriet residence Stebbins, Mrs. J.J., 2 rings residence
91 Haydon, O.L. residence Stilwell, J.W., 3 rings residence
284 Heard, C.M., sheriff, 2 rings residence Strickland, Rufus residence
72 Henry-Gale Lumber Co. Summers, Mark  residence
191 Henry, Sam residence Summers, Mrs. M.D. residence
196 Herman, H.H., 3 rings residence Summers, W.L. residence
303 High School


16 Hill, C.S. residence Thomas, F.M. residence
232 Hill, Miss Jennie residence Thomas, G.B., 3 rings residence
107 Hill-Whitmire Merc. Co. Thompson, N.S. residence
Hill, Roy F. residence Thompson, S.P. residence
Hill, W.M. residence Thomson, Mrs. E.E. residence
Hines, Mrs. F.O. residence Thornburgh, Eli residence
Hogan, R.S. residence Thornburgh, Emmett residence
Hollenback, A.T. residence Thornburgh, Dr. A.H. office
Holt, Ray residence Thornburgh, Dr. A.H. residence
Homrighausen, L.H., 2 rings residence Toler, Will residence
Hoots, Jim residence Torian, Mrs. N.
Hornidy, R.M. residence Trimble, Dr. C.I. office
Howard, Miss Hattie residence Trimble, Dr. C.I. residence
Howell County Bank Trowbridge, Mrs. Al residence
Howell Co. Land Co.


Howell Studio 280 VanMeter, John residence
Huddleston, Mrs. M.A. residence 355 VanWormer, J.L. office
Hudson, T.H. residence 357 VanWormer, J.L. residence
Hull, J.S. groceries 130 VanWormer, Mrs. Andrew residence
Hull, J.S., Sr. residence


Huston, L.A. residence 132 Wade, Green, 3 rings residence
Hyder, L.M., 3 rings residence 136 Walt, M. residence


185 Ward, Miss Neva residence
217 Ice Plant 80 Washington Laundry
37 Ingold & Ingold groceries 178 Watson & Neff groceries
183 Ingold, D., 3 rings residence 311 Watts, Frank, 3 rings residence
322 Ingold, Will, 3 rings residence 96 Wayland, C.M. residence


153 Wayland, O.F. residence
118 Jackson, Andrew, 3 rings residence 315 Wayland, Van residence
270 James & Lambert livery barn 369b Weaver, J.H. residence
345 James, Ed produce 190 Webb, J.B. office
231 James, Pleasant residence 44 Webb, J.B. residence
154 Jennings, Mrs. Emma, 3 rings residence 110 Webster, Norman residence
146 Jett, Rev. I.N., 2 rings residence 329 Welch, John, 3 rings residence
169 Johnson, Buck, 3 rings residence 218 Wescott, B.R. residence
220 Johnson, H.E. residence 4321 Western Union Telegraph Office
275 Johnson, Dr. J. McB. office 81 West Plains Bank
115 Johnson, Dr. J. McB. residence 173 West Plains Barn livery
144 Jones, M.F. residence 177 West Plains Grocer Co.


101 West Plains Power House
Kansas City Produce Company 93 West Plains Real Estate Co.
Kellett, Dr. O.L. office 43 West Plains Transfer Co.
Kellett, Dr. O.L. residence 197 Wheeler, Mrs. C.S. residence
Kellett, F.M. residence 289 White, Mrs. L.M., 3 rings residence
Kellet, James, Clothing Co. 105 Whitmire, T.J. residence
Kellett, J.M. residence 331 Whitner, Mrs. E.E. residence
Kellett-Smith Abstract Co. 245 Whitson, Mrs. Jennie residence
Kenny, Ed, 2 rings residence 262 Wilkinson, Mrs. E.S., 3 rings residence
Kerby, J.C. residence 237 Williams, Homer residence
Kilpatric Merc. Co. 235 Williams, Mills residence
Kilpatric, T.B. residence 253 Williams, J.F., 2 rings residence
Kimberlin, C.E. residence 13 Williams, Theo residence
King, Mrs. H.T., 3 rings residence 297 Williamson, D.B., 2 rings residence
Kingsbury, J.C. residence 304 Winner, A.M., 2 rings residence
Kinchloe, Lynn, 3 rings residence 240 Workman, C.E. residence
K. of  P. Hall 317 Wood, Hubert residence
Knoerle, Joe residence 255 Woods, I.J., 3 rings residence
Knowlton, Ace residence 340 Woodside, Hal residence
Knowlton & Jones meat market 132 Woodson, Carter, 4 rings residence


365 Wuesthoff, Dr. W.L. office
Lambert or Lortz residence 366c Wuesthoff, Dr. W.L. residence
Lambert, Whit residence 259 Wyatt, Kirk residence
Lambert, Will residence


Lane Cab Barn 212 Yeoman, E.F. residence
County Lines
Enterprise Line

Farmers' Line

Brower, W.T. 411 Bell, B.  
Burwell, Roy   Black, Dr. J.D.  
Campbell, Chas.   Black, E.C.  
Carpenter, J.A.   Carrell, F.S.  
Conard, John   Clayton, W.E.  
Dillow, Tom   Frederick, E.A.  
Evans, John   Gabbert, J.H.  
Forrest, E.   Heinrich, P.  
Henry, Arch   Keith, P.C.  
Moore, S.H.   Kennedy, D.C.  
Ruffcorn, L.E.   Moody  
Shoemaker, J.C.   Lewey, H.  
Showberg, Oscar   Long, W.T.  
Skinner, B.F.   Raney, I.M.  
Spencer, O.W.   Row, J.  
Taylor, A.   Sparks, F.D.  
Thornton, A.E.   Smith, J.F.  
Wible, W.A.   Waters, J.W.  
Elk Creek Line

Gunters' Valley Long Line
Baker, W.H. 411 Dillon, W.J.  
Davidson Ranch   Galloway, G.W.  
Elliott, E.J. 44 Gilliam, J.H.  
Francis, J. 114 Griffith, G.W.  
Fisher, J.M. 1441 Harper, L.F.  
Hunter, Mitch 1111 House, J.L.  
Lasater, Jim 111 Monger, J.C.  
Murphy, J.A. 14 Plimpton, C.H.  
Rayner, W.H. 4114 Reed, J.M.  
Rose, Ben 141 Young, F.C.  
Sams, H.D. 441 Olden Short Line

Stevens, Geo. 414 Clark, Mrs. Augusta  
Washington, George 1114 Howard, H.H.  
Fanchon Line

Meadowbrook  Farm

Basser, L.D. 1114 McCray, L.B.  
Brotherton, Grover 441 Pitcher, Lewis  
Fanchon Store 41 Porter, S.  
House, Will 11 Seiberling, Harry  
Summers, Marion 111 Taylor, C.E.  
Thompson, Ben 1111 Wilson  
Thompson, Bob 14 Maple Grove Line

Thompson, James 411 Brisco, J.T.  
South Fork Line No. 1

Kenslow, J.S.  
Boyd, S.S.   Linthicum, C.N.  
Covington, F.P.   Ritchey, J.W.  
Covington, R.M.   Cracroft, A.H.  
Eno, Chas.   Kuy, Rendall, W.H.  
Herman, John   Cole, C.  
Jones, Guy   Black, Dr. J.D.  
Jones, W.H.   Black, J.W.  
Lamb, John   Black, J.M.  
Lamb, Sam   Boose, A.W.  
Mansfield, Will 441 Ensign, W.H.  
Perry, Tom 1144 Hovey, J.L.  
Raney, J.T.   Johnston, J.D.  
Rice, J.W.   Knox, F.M.  
Roach, Abe   Knox, W.P.  
Vowell, Jett   Knox, E.L.  
Vowell, Jack   Piercy, A.K.  
Wilhite, Fred   Sassin, Oscar  
South Fork Line No. 2

Upton, J.C.  
Brooks, Webster   Brandsville Long Line

Carr, E.L.   Ball, Mrs. N.C.  
Collier, Oscar   Chapin, Oscar  
Crotsenburg, C.N.   Collins, D.F.  
Crow, Will   Cordell, Finley  
Gundy, H.F.   Cox, S.J.  
Gundy, Harry   Garrett, L.E.  
Howard, F.S.   Garrett, Stillman  
Morrow, Mrs. S.   Garrett, J.W.  
Murk, Arnold Jr.   Hill's Store  
Perry, Nelson   Morrison, Gid  
Shaner, J.F.   Ramsey Bros.  
Simpson, W.J.   Brandsville Short Line

Pocahontas Long Line

Adams, Roy  
Adams, J.   Adams, T.E.  
Adams, T.F.   Chapin, Orval  
Ball, Jim   Cordell, Than  
Collins, F.H.   Cordell, Mack  
Dix, Elmer   Cordell, Al  
Garrett, Jacob   King, M.L.  
McCammon, M.   Moore, John  
Mouser, J.M. 1141 Radle, R.A.  
Siloam-West Plains Line

Radle, Carl  
Coldwell, J.C.   Lanton Line

Collins, David   Besheer, R.H.  
Hopkins, T.J.   Briscoe, J.P.  
House, A.   Brooks, O.H.  
House, James   Cromer, F.J.  
House, J.W.   Davidson, Arch  
Morgan, Dr.   Gladin, W.R., store  
Noel, E.F.   Gladin, W.R., res.  
Pitcher, I.W.   Lemons, P.J.  
Potter, Mrs. M.   Logsdon, Frank  
Riley, Henry   McCrackin, Sam  
Roper, J.   McCrackin, D.P.  
Roper, M.L.   McEwen, J.A.  
Roper, W.W.   Wood, Frank A.  
Shinkle, H.   Spring Creek Line
Shirley, S.   Bingham, Dr., office  
Wilson, L.   Bingham, Dr., res.  
Globe Line

Breedlove, J.W.  
Addair, C.H.   Davis, Chas.  
Barnett, R.C.   Dooley, J.  
Cowan, A.P.   Garrett, H.L.  
Davidson,Henry   Johns, R.W., store  
Holt, J.S.   Johns, R.W., res.  
Jarrett, Eli   Proffitt, J.N.  
Kidwell, O.E.   Proffitt, S.T.  
Lewis, J.T.   Rippley, F.M.  
Richardson, John   Wright, Norah  
Stephens, R.S.   Oak Ridge Line

Taylor, A.L.   Applegate, J.H.  
Williams, W.E.   Arnold, Miss Frances  
Farmers' Mutual Line

Brown, G.T.  
Cowan, John   Brown, J.S.  
Fivecoats, M.O.   Burwell, H.C.  
Hampsten, B.C.   Freeman, C.E.  
Harris, Edd   Hanner, R.C.  
Heselton, M.I.   Hollingshed, Ben  
Krause, John   May, John  
McClellan, W.   Morey, F.S.  
Meade, W.   Page, J.M.  
Reeves, Elmer   Riley, E.L.  
Smith, Levi   Widner, E.B.  
Street, Henry   Chapin Line

Street, Will   Burroughs, Ed  
Pleasant Hill Line

Iron Mines  
Baker, J.F.   Jones, H.W.  
Cole, Ed   Dora Line

Davis, David   Harlin Bros, Store  
Fithian, Job   Harlin, Joe  
Hart, A.G.   Hammer, R.E.  
Liggett, A.E.   Hammond, S.R.  
Main, Quincy   Hall, Vern  
Meyers, F.   J. Decker Store  
West, George   McKee, Arthur  
White, Julius   Moody, Wm.  
White, Wes   Taylor Store  
Winstead, J.T.   Taylor, Ellis, res.  
I.X.I. Line

Homeland Line

Blackford, J.B.   Calhoun, H.O.  
Carter, Eade   Dowler, Walter  
Hollingshed, Boss   Perley  
Jackson, Chas.   Renfrow, W.P.  
Ruff, W.C.   Southerland  
Thompson, J.B.   Smith  
Watson, M.E.   Sparks  
Howell Valley Short Line

Spears, Grant  
Adams, Albert   Ward, F.A..  
Butcher, T.H.   Wilkins  
Coner, Steve   Howell Valley Long Line

Dexter, G.W.   Adams, Wes  
Dinsmore, G.W.P.   Adams, J.L.  
Griffins, I.N.   Adams, Ed  
Lamons, John   Adams, Henry  
Pool, John   Crumb, B.F.  
Smith, O.B.   Hyder, A.D.  
Stevenson   Laffoon, J.W.  
Taylor, J.A.   Rhodes, Jim  
Yeoman, R.   Summers, George  
Pocahontas Short Line

Turner, Clyde  
Bolin, C.T.   Oak Hill Line

Chapin Store   Armstrong, John  
Cordell, Judge W.C.   Kennard, Mrs. C.E.  
Griffin, Munro   Rice, D.W.  
Lane, F.F.   Rogers, Jess  
Little, D.B.   Spradlin, C.R.  
Taylor, T.T.   Patient Line

Olden Line

Burgenstock, I.D.  
Burnett, O.J.   Cooper, Fred  
Doolittle, Jas.   Oskins, J.M.  
Evans, John   Crider Line

Miller, F.M.   Crider, D.P.  
Miller, J.M.   Davis, J.C.B.  
Taylor, E.C.   Davis, E.  
Washburn, J.H.   Henderson, J.E.  
Williams, James   Riley's Store  
Worley, W.T.   Summers, J.T.  
Zeek, O.   Taber, A.J.  
May Valley Line

Taber, Thurlow  
Amstine, Henry   Gunter's Valley Line

Foster, Charles   Bean, J.R.  
Kackley, Mrs. C.O.   Biggs, Charlie  
Mustion, Harvey   Cage, A.A.  
May, Ira   Hungerford, E.  
Mustion, Joe   Owens, J.L.  
Sportsman, John   Seay, C.L.  
Springside Line

Warren, Rev. D.B.  
Burroughs, Geo.   O.K. Line

Harris, Thomas   Bonham, Clarence  
Harper, Robert   Hall, Dr. J.H.  
Harper, Leonard   Johnson, Chas.  
Johnson, Jake   Johnson, C.B.  
Sparks, T.W.   Kenyon, J.W.  
VanVleck, E.   Paschal, U.C.  
Williams, R.J.   Smith, O.C.  
West Valley Line

Schneider, Alex  
Bingaman, J. 414 Commercial Line

Bingaman, W.R. 14 Noell, A.J. 1114
Burgess, E. 411 Lowery, Sam 44
Galloway, Samuel 41 Hollingshed Br., store 4441
Peters, M.B. 444 Willow Springs Line

Arditta Line

Lone Pine Farm 14
Mustion, A. 4 Ward, C.S. 111


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