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Newspaper Article

This N' That

The following items were gleaned from the
October 12, 1905 issue of the West Plains Weekly Journal

The first grand jury of the county was drawn in 1857 and consisted of Seth W. Bacon, W.Y. Howell, L.H. Smith, Wm. Johnson, J.P. Simmons, R.H. Hilton, F.W. Krause, W.M. Wright, Jesse Reeves, W.P. Kive, Wm. Coffee, June Campbell, J.A. Chapin, D.J. Harris, J.E. McCammon and Josiah Seay. In 1905, J.A. Chapin was the only one still living.

As of 1905, the following is a list of those who served Howell County in the capacity of Circuit Judge: Albert Jackson, J.H. McBride, Allen Van Wormer, Elijah Perry, J.R. Woodside, J.F. Hale and W.N. Evans.

Having served as Sheriff and Collector prior to 1905 were: Josiah Howell, Alfred H. Nicks, W. D. Mustion, L.H. Cordell, M.S. Alsup, C.D. Bolin, R.R. Lasater, John A. Chapin and E.J. Davidson.

Howell County Sheriffs prior to 1905 included: M.E. Alsup, C.D. Bohn, J.A. Chapin, H.K. Chapin, L.G. Eblin, W.W. McLeland, T.L. Herrin, G.A. Rohde, S.M. Allen, J.C. Thomas, C.E. Kimberlin and Wm. S. Morgan.

Howell County Assessors prior to 1905 were: C.H. Dryer before the war, Josiah Carico, L.H. Cordell, N.C. Epps, B.H. Parker, Robt. Reed, H.B. Livingston, Ben W. Mackey, C.T. Davis, Webster Brooks and R.S. Watson.

County Treasurers prior to 1905 were: Volney Carter, ? Carter, J.R. Galloway, George Carter, T.J. Langston, F.L. Winkler, T.J. Whitmire, C.F. Funkhouser, L.G. Eblen, C.G. Brown and F.M. Kellett.

Howell County Surveyors before 1905 were: P.P. Dobozy, J.G. Brown, John Holloway, James Nicholas, P.A. Curry, W.P. Summers, T.F. Adams, Wm. Langston and C.W. Eno.

School Commissioners in Howell County prior to 1905 included: M.L. Loy, W.R. Glass, Albin Perkins, E.J. Doney, V.L. Penland, R.M. Hornidy, J.F. Reiley, Frank Williams, J.S. Payne, S.R. Derrick and Mrs. Carrie Phelps.

Elected as Prosecuting Attorneys prior to 1905 were: Wm. Monks, P.B. Smith, Andrew Van Wormer, John Winingham, Sam Galloway, J.B. Tillman, J.L. VanWormer, E.P. Garnett, J.O. Livesay and M.E. Morrow.

Serving as Probate Judges prior to 1905 were: Benj. Alsup, J.C.B. Dixon, John Black, L.G. Thomas, B.P. Smith, Henry D. Green, D.F. Martin, Ben Canterbury, O.L. Haydon and Harlin P. Dawes.

Charles S. Wheeler - The Land Broker advertises farms, orchards, ranches, mines and unimproved lands. Large Tracts - Small Farms. He was located in the Aid Hardware Building on the South Side of the Square.

"He who goes a borrowing goes a sorrowing," says an old adage, but not so if you borrow from J.C. Kerby was a loan and insurance agent. Plenty of money. Long time. Low rate. No tangles or tedious waits about getting the cash. In addition to the loan business I am exclusive agent for one of the best Fire, Tornado, Life and Accident companies anywhere. Call on or address J.C. Kerby, Southwest Corner Court Square, West Plains, Mo.

B.F. Kimble & sons dealers in Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, Musical Instruments of all Kinds. Supplies for String Instruments carried in Stock. General Repair Shop in Connection. Pay cash for all kinds of second hand goods and sell same on close margin. B.K. Kimble, Warren L. Kimble, Leon A. Kimble and Lester B. Kimble. 110 Southwest Corner Square, West Plains, Missouri.

No. 6. 640 acres, 400 acres of this farm is bottom and valley land in cultivation, 11 miles from West Plains, two good houses, three tenant houses, three large barns, two cattle sheds, good well, cisterns and ponds, 27 acres of orchard, joins inland town, has general stores, church and school, telephone exchange, flouring mills, land adjoining is held at $40.00 per acre. Price per acre, $25.00.

No. 2. 160 acre fruit farm, 3 1/2 miles from Olden, fair improvements, 55 acres of apples, well, cistern and pond, Price - $3,000.

No. 16. 108 acres 7 miles west of West Plains, 4 miles of Pottersville, 70 acres in cultivation, 10 upland in orchard, good house and barn, well watered, is said to be the cream of Howell Co., 98 acres of this bottom land. Price, $3,000.

R.G. Galbreath, West Plains, Howell County, Mo.

Springer's Star Grocery, W.A. Springer, Proprietor. Advertises Chase & Sanborn's High Grade Coffees, the best of fresh country produce, Heinz's well known line of relishes and all the leading brands of flour. A cordial invitation is extended to all readers of this advertisement to call and be convinced of our claim for handling the VERY BEST GOODS and always selling same at the lowest possible price consistent with good business. North Side court Square, West Plains, Missouri

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