Stoney Point School

"I have attached a photograph of young students standing in front of Stoney Point School. The photograph was shared with me by my cousin Marilyn Raby Willms. She is a great-granddaughter of Jesse Van Buren Luttrell and Sarah Elizabeth Nease. I don't know when the photograph was taken nor do I know the names of any of the children in the photo. I would presume that some of Jesse and Sarah's children or grandchildren are in the photo, but I don't know that. Jesse and Sarah moved from Greene County, Tennessee to Howell County, Missouri in about 1885. Sarah's obituary of May 1910 states that she and Jesse moved to Willow Springs 'about 25 years ago.' "

Stoney Point School was located at what is now Highway 137 and Stoney Point Road. west of Willow Springs.

Photograph and information courtesy of David Raby ( date of photograph unknown) descendant of Henry Howard Raby (1912-1976), of Willow Springs.

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