Bridges School

Bridges School

THE STUDENTS AT BRIDGES SCHOOL in 1889 are shown in his phtograph owned by Mrs. Ralph Corf of West Plains.

Teacher: Dr. A. HY. Thornburgh, who later became a prominent physician in West Plains.

First row, left to right: Elic Brixey, Ike Turner, John Burk, Meron Turner, Ed Christopher, Seamon Countney, Eron Brumright, George Musgrove, Clark Brixey, George Christopher, Jimmie Turner, Henry Burk, Otto Drumright, unidentified;

Second row: Ellen Burk, Virgie Musgrove, Cleta Wadley, Ab Burch, Bettie Turner, Laura Brown, Emma Brixey, Rosa Tines, Rosa Christopher, Sis Courtney, Ester Wood, Annie Gaharin, Nance Lovins, May Drumright, Nancie Hopkins, Mose Turner, Sivila Turner Anderson;

Third row: Sis Musgrove, Frona Brotherton, Babe Adams, Susan Musgrove, Martha Ann Young, Zenie Brotherton, Bill Musgrove, Gilie Marton, Merry Burk, Gene Musgrove, Lettie Drumright, and Kate Fines.

Fourth row: Jim Fines, Gabe Burgress, Dr. Thornburgh, Jace Musgrove, John Brotherton, Lee Musgrove, Loss Musgrove, Charley Adams, John Turner and Willie Fines.

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