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Howell County Church Records

Some records from early Howell County Missouri churches are archived at the Curtis Laws Wilson Library, Missouri University of Science and Technology, in Rolla, Missouri. The following links are for informational purposes only. This is archival material and examination of the documents must be arranged between the researcher and the University.

  1. First Baptist Church (West Plains, Mo.), / records, 1892-1956. ARCHIVAL MATL
  2. First Christian Church (West Plains, Mo.), / records, 1893-1983. ARCHIVAL MATL
  3. First United Methodist Church (West Plains, Mo.), / records, 1887-1988. ARCHIVAL MATL
  4. Howell County Historical Society, / church Survey Papers, Ca. 1890-1984, Bulk 1968-1971. ARCHIVAL MATL
  5. Little Zion Baptist Church, / records, 1913-1994. ARCHIVAL MATL
  6. New Hope Baptist Church, / records, 1886-1990. ARCHIVAL MATL
  7. South Fork Congregational Methodist Church, / record Books, 1899-1950.







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