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Howell County Cemeteries

There are many internet sources that provide information on cemeteries including indexes of those interred and photographs of tombstones. Hundreds of volunteers are working to keep these sources up to date.

Some of the volunteers that were contributing information here are also contributing the same information on sites like Find A Grave. In the interest of efficiency, if a cemetery below is listed at Find A Grave, the link will open a new page and take you there. If a cemetery is NOT indexed by Find-A-Grave, until it is, the link will take you to a page on this site.


Amy Union Cemetery, Amy
Antioch Church Cemetery, Pomona

B Barnett Cemetery, Peace Valley
Bennetts Chapel Cemetery, Fanchon
Big Springs - Bly Cemetery, Caufield
Blue Mound Cemetery, Pottersville
Bolin Cemetery, Hutton valley
Bollinger Cemetery, South Fork
Brandsville Cemetery, Brandsville
Brooner Cemetery (AKA RLDS Cemetery), Willow Springs
Buff Cemetery, (AKA Oak Grove Cemetery) w of Pomona
Burden-Vaugh Cemetery
Burnham Cemetery, Burnham
C Cannon Cemetery (Cannon Graveyard), Lanton
Cantrell Cemetery, Hutton Valley
Carroll Cemetery, west of Burnham
Center Hill Cemetery, Chapel Twp.
Chapel Hill Cemetery, Chapel
Chapin Cemetery (AKA Radle Cemetery), West Plains
City Cemetery, Mountain View (See Mountain View Cemetery AKA Reese Cemetery
Collins Cemetery, Siloam Springs
Cooks Cemetery, West of Willow Springs on CR 5840
County Farm Cemetery (AKA Howell County Cemetery), Chapin
Cureall Cemetery, Cureall
D Davis Cemetery sw of West Plains, w of Thayer
Davis Creek Cemetery
Deane Cemetery (abandoned, two internments)
Dripping Springs Cemetery, West Plains
Dry Creek Cemetery (AKA Lovan Cemetery), Pomona

Ebenezer Cemetery (See Forest Dell Cemetery), Mountain View
Elijah Cemetery
Elk Creek Cemetery, Cull
Emerson Cemetery
Epps Cemetery, Pomona

F Ferguson-Hogan Cemetery, Willow Springs
Forest Flower (See Spring Brook Cemetery), Willow Springs
Forest Dell Cemetery, Mountain View
Fowler Cemetery (AKA Old Fowler Cemetery), Caufield
Francis Cemetery, Cull
Free Union Cemetery, Leota
G Galloway Cemetery, West Plains
Gill Cemetery, Mountain View
Gisher Burial Plot
Gordon's Cemetery (AKA Gordaus Cemetery) No info available
Gospel Hill Church of Christ Cemetery, Pottersville
Grace Cemetery aka Grace Chapel Cemetery (see note)
Greenlawn Cemetery, Mountain View
H Hall Cemetery (Coffey Family Farm)
Harris Cemetery, Willow Springs
Hatfield Cemetery (AKA Merideth/Meredith Cemetery), Lanton
Hinds Farm Cemetery
Homeland Cemetery
Hope's Rest Cemetery
Horton Cemetery (AKA Old Horton Cemetery)
Howell County Cemetery (Aka County Farm or Poor Farm Cemetery), Chapin
Howell Memorial Park Cemetery, Pomona
Howell Valley Cemetery (AKA Langston Cemetery)
Hutton Valley Cemetery, Willow Springs
I No Listings
J Joice Family Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
K Keirn Cemetery
Koellings Cemetery (AKA Mint Springs Cemetery)
L Langston Cemetery (AKA Howell Valley Cemetery)
Lanton Cemetery (AKA Old Lanton Cemetery)
Ledbetter Cemetery (AKA Crider Cemetery), Pottersville
Little Zion Cemetery, Trask
Lone Pine Cemetery, West Plains
Lost Camp - (Once Miller Cemetery), Pomona
M Mackey Cemetery, Pomona
McElmurry Cemetery, Moody
Meltabarger Cemetery, Near Brandsville
Meredith Cemetery, Lanton (AKA Hatfield Cemetery)
Mint Spring Graveyard, Lanton
Mitts Cemetery (AKA Hall-Mitts Cemetery;Old Richard Vernon Farm)
Moffitt Cemetery, Willow Springs
Montgomery Family Cemetery
Moody Cemetery, Moody
Mountain View Cemetery (AKA Reese or City Cemetery)
Mount Zion Cemetery - Olden
Mount Zion Cemetery - Poe Hill
Mount Zion Cemetery - South Fork
N Nease Cemetery, Willow Springs
New Hope Cemetery, Peace Valley
New Liberty Baptist Cemetery (AKA New Liberty or Grimmet Cemetery), Grimmet
New Salem Cemetery, Mountain View
Nicks Cemetery, Hocomo
O Oak Lawn Cemetery, West Plains
Oak Mound Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery, Willow Springs
Okes & Henry Cemetery
Old Fowler Cemetery (See Fowler Cemetery), Caufield
Old Homeland Cemetery (AKA Spears Family Cemetery), Homeland
Old Horton Cemetery
P Padgett Cemetery (AKA Padgett-Wilbanks Cemetery), Mountain View
Parker Family Cemetery
Pine Creek Cemetery, Willow Springs
Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pottersville
Pleasant View Cemetery, West Plains
Pottersville Cemetery, Pottersville
Prairie Grove Cemetery
Q Quaker Cemetery (See Spring Brook Cemetery), Willow Springs
R Radle Cemetery
Reese Cemetery (AKA Mountain View Cemetery; City Cemetery), in Mountain View
Reynolds Burial Plot
Roberds Cemetery
Rowe Cemetery, Willow Springs
S Sadie Brown Cemetery
Saint John Vianney Catholic Church Cemetery, Mountain View
Saint Joseph's Cemetery, Pomona
Setzer Cemetery
Shady Grove Cemetery, Moody
Siloam Springs Cemetery
Skaggs Burial Plot
South Fork Cemetery
Spears Cemetery
Spring Brook Cemetery (AKA Spring Valley Cemetery)
Stuart Union Cemetery
T No listings
U Union Grove Cemetery
Union Hill Cemetery, Brandsville
V Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Mountain View

Walker Chapel Cemetery, Mountain View
Wayside Cemetery, Brandsville
Welch Family Cemetery
Willow Springs City Cemetery, Willow Springs

Y Youngblood Cemetery, Caufield

Note: The Find-A-Grave site for Grace Cemetery says Grace/Greenlawn Cemetery. That is in error. They are not the same cemetery. Find-a-Grave has been contacted and asked to correct the name.